Ai Weiwei at the Brooklyn Museum

September 21, 2016

This post was published with permission from the Brooklyn Museum.

UOVO is proud to partner with the Brooklyn Museum by providing art storage and viewing spaces for a set of special limited editions by world-renowned artist Ai Weiwei. The artist designed a stainless steel bicycle, Untitled (2014) for the Brooklyn Museum to commemorate the landmark and critically-acclaimed exhibition Ai Weiwei: According to What?. The exhibition was presented in 2014, when the artist was under heavy surveillance by the Chinese government and unable to travel outside of his native China. Untitled (2014) symbolizes his quest for freedom, movement, and solidarity.


Each edition comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Ai Weiwei, a stamped and numbered head tube, and a seat detailed with an imprint of the artist’s unmistakable face. If you are interested in purchasing an edition, please email [email protected]. All proceeds benefit the Brooklyn Museum.

The editions refer back to the site-specific installation Stacked from the exhibition, which was comprised of 700 Forever bicycles affixed together to create a singular structure that can be entered and explored from within.

Ai Weiwei uses the bicycle as a medium as it is one of the most common forms of transportation in his native China. The use of the Forever bicycle, which has been mass produced in Shanghai since the 1940s, raises issues on the economic and social impact of manufacturing, a theme with which Ai Weiwei often engages in his practice.

See below for a great time-lapse video of the Brooklyn Museum’s art handlers installing Stacked in the museum’s lobby.

UOVO is proud to support the Brooklyn Museum by providing storage and viewing spaces for Ai Weiwei’s limited editions in our New York facilities.



UOVO offers a holistic approach to collections management. From climate-controlled storage and private viewing rooms, to transportation, packing, crating, and installation services, UOVO provides an array of storage options to best serve the needs of any collection.

The editions have been stored at UOVO:33 Kings HWY in Rockland County, New York, an accessible and cost-effective storage solution at UOVO’s distinctive level of quality and service excellence. To learn more about how we work with museums, galleries, and private collectors, please click here.

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