Introducing the New UOVO Tractor Trailer!

April 26, 2018

UOVO is adding another vehicle to their fleet—a 48’ high-cube tractor trailer, bringing the total number of vehicles available for art transportation to 10. This is not only the tallest, most spacious vehicle UOVO has ever owned, but it’s also one of the largest tractor trailers in the surrounding New York area. With an interior clearance of 126”, our tractor trailer streamlines the movement of both average and sizable collections.

Transporting paintings and pictures alone requires ample space. Travel frames are secured to each item before they are put into boxes and packed safely into crates, which adds additional volume to every piece in a shipment. The tractor trailer’s extra space makes it possible to transport entire collections, archives, and museum and gallery exhibitions in one trip. Eliminating the need for multiple trips or additional trucks, a high-cube expedites the transportation process so items can be moved efficiently across town or across the country.

Our tractor trailer has been custom-built with brand new museum-standard equipment, guaranteeing the same standard of care provided by our straight trucks, but on a much larger scale. The trailer is insulated and outfitted with an advanced climate control system that accommodates just about every medium, material, or physical structure. The air ride suspension system adds another level of protection during transit by establishing a higher shock absorbency ratio, resulting in a smoother ride—regardless of terrain. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing their valuables are safeguarded from start to finish.

Contrary to other New York art storage facilities, UOVO’s three locations have the ability to dock tractor trailers, which makes everything from oversized movements to airport runs easier than ever before. Our certified drivers are also experienced art handlers trained to museum standards. Because handling larger items and sizable collections can be dangerous, our clients can be assured that their items are being moved with the highest quality of care.

UOVO’s high-cube tractor trailer opens up national opportunities for our clients. Our tractor trailer also features a double-bunk sleeper that boosts the efficiency of every trip. The UOVO team can alternate between driving and sleeping, which eliminates the need for extended breaks and promotes one continuous trip—no matter how far they are traveling across the country. The high-cube also has the capacity to fit up to three people in the truck. In addition to the two UOVO drivers, individuals who oversee courier and high-value shipments can ride along in the truck and supervise the movement from beginning to end.

Look for our new high-cube tractor trailer coming into service in May!

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