Miami Art Week: A Marathon, Not A Sprint

December 20, 2017

Every December Miami Beach becomes the epicenter of the art world during the week-long festivities collectively known as Miami Art Week. Anchored by foundational art fair Art Basel in Miami Beach, this year more than 20 satellite art fairs and off-site installations transformed the city from December 5-10. 

Miami Art Week is a key event for galleries, collectors, art advisors, artists and museums alike — but it is also a monumental logistical undertaking. UOVO’s project managers, crew chiefs, and art handlers were at the center of the action, providing transportation and installation services to all the fairs for both exhibitors and attendees.

All art fairs require careful coordination and organization, but the project management that goes into an event like Miami Art Week is highly complex. For us, the preparations begin in the months and weeks leading up to the events. UOVO works with galleries to collect the works they plan to exhibit at the various art fairs and arrange the logistics surrounding their transportation to Miami. Understanding the galleries’ packing, crating, security and installation needs is central to the planning process.

For artworks going from New York to Miami, the next step was loading UOVO’s tractor-trailer for the journey south. The safety of the works during the drive is paramount, and every piece receives equal attention in the process. This year we brought everything from small delicate ceramics to monumental bronzes.

After packing up in New York, two UOVO art handlers drove the art down to Florida, while two project managers and six additional art handlers flew down to meet the truck in Miami.  Together, our experienced and professional team installed at multiple art fairs throughout the week, including Art Basel in Miami Beach, Design Miami, Untitled Art, Scope, and Pulse. With administrative support on-site, we were able to navigate challenges and provide quotes for art services in real-time, alleviating stress for both galleries and collectors.

Although Miami Art Week officially ended on Sunday, December 10, behind the scenes the work lasts well into the following week. Team UOVO stayed in Miami to de-install the art fair booths, and arrange the shipping, packing, crating and transportation of works for both exhibiting galleries and individual collectors. We reloaded the tractor-trailer for the trip back to New York, in addition to arranging for national and international shipping directly from Miami.

We are so proud of Team UOVO for excelling in Miami during an exciting, challenging event, and we are already looking forward to returning in 2018.

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