Artspace: Welcome to the Everything Store(age) Facility

December 02, 2016

In recent years, as advancements in digital technology and the global expansion of the art world have made the market for fine art both faster and more complex, collectors have placed a premium on bespoke services that streamline the logistical demands of owning art—from purchasing it to shipping and storing it. One company that has proven an innovator in providing state-of-the-art solutions for both collectors and institutions is UOVO.

Two years ago we sat down with collector, real estate developer, and UOVO chairman Steve Guttman to talk about the futuristic art storage facility he was building in Long Island City. Today, UOVO has become a rapidly growing business that is woven into the fabric of the New York art world and serves an increasingly global client base. With its newest building, UOVO:100 Bradley PWKY in New York’s Rockland County, the organization has grown to encompass over half a million square feet of space.

With Miami’s art fairs now poised to further fill collections worldwide to the brimming point, Artspace caught up with CEO Steve Novenstein to discuss the role that UOVO plays in helping collectors manage their inventory, and how it’s responding to changes in the art market.

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