Press Release: Galleries Reimagined by UOVO Offers Fresh Solutions for the Art Market

September 02, 2020


Art Advisors, Galleries, and Independent Art Dealers Can Streamline Operations with UOVO’s New Initiative

UOVO, the art storage and services leader reimagining the industry, is proud to announce Galleries Reimagined by UOVO. This new initiative offers small and mid-sized art businesses—such as art advisors, galleries, and independent art dealers—the opportunity to consolidate their physical footprint within UOVO’s state-of-the-art facilities while streamlining their operations using UOVO’s complete suite of services, including expert art handlers, a full transportation fleet, and experienced collections management team. As a result, Galleries Reimagined clients can dramatically reduce their overhead and increase their focus on new business development.

UOVO Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors Steven Guttman remarked: “Galleries Reimagined by UOVO offers a modern approach to the art market. The business of transacting art is rapidly evolving, and as a passionate collector, I want to create an environment that supports galleries, dealers, and advisories of all sizes. This initiative is personal to me, and I believe it provides an innovative market solution that will allow more types of market activity to flourish, in both the near and long-term.”

At the heart of the Galleries Reimagined model is the opportunity to forego a traditional storefront, showroom, or office for a custom private room inside one of UOVO’s four New York facilities. UOVO private rooms are configured by the company’s in-house design team to combine a complete office set-up with industry-leading storage options. For exhibitions, sales, photography, and events, Galleries Reimagined clients take advantage of UOVO’s ten pristine onsite viewing rooms, ranging in size from 300 to 1,200 square feet. In this way, Galleries Reimagined removes the need for separate, single-purpose locations. Instead, clients have one, all-inclusive lease, that also covers all utilities, best-in-class 24/7 security, museum-quality climate control, an in-house client reception team, and multiple loading docks capable of handling even the most monumental pieces of contemporary art, among other features.

In addition to the ease of operating from within UOVO, Galleries Reimagined clients have on-demand access to UOVO’s premium professional art services. An experienced team of full-time art handlers can install, pack, and perform condition checks on artworks. The company provides local, national, and international shipping, supported by UOVO’s 10-truck fleet, including a high-cube tractor-trailer for cross-country transit. Each client is supported by a single point of contact for all logistical arrangements, keeping the collections management process straightforward and hassle-free. Account managers can also liaise with third-party professionals including conservators, framers, photographers, and videographers upon request.

UOVO CEO Daniel Schmerin noted: “Galleries Reimagined gives clients control over their bottom line like never before. Scaling operations in response to client demand or seasonal obligations becomes seamless, and administrative burdens are removed, so our client partners can dedicate more time and attention exclusively to business development.”

While Galleries Reimagined is a timely response to the shifting dynamics of the art market, the model for the initiative developed organically over the past five years. Since the opening of UOVO’s flagship in Long Island City in December 2014, clients have increasingly adapted their private storage rooms to facilitate full-time work onsite. Whether as individuals or whole teams, many clients conduct business from UOVO every day, and treat their private rooms as their primary workspace. With Galleries Reimagined, UOVO has expanded and refined this model, making it more accessible to art market participants in need of fresh solutions.

About UOVO: UOVO is New York’s number one provider of art, fashion, and collections storage and services. With more than 650,000 square feet of storage across four New York locations, UOVO provides an array of storage options and innovative service and management solutions tailored to meet the specialized needs of any collection including climate-controlled storage, private viewing rooms, transportation, packing, and installation services.

Driven by a mission to preserve our collective cultural legacy through a new standard of stewardship, the company has worked with thousands of clients worldwide. These include the world’s most recognizable artists, architects, entertainers, fashion designers, galleries, libraries, museums, and private collectors as well as charitable trusts, corporate collections, estates, government agencies, and non-profits.

Each UOVO facility is purpose-designed and managed by a team of industry-leading experts dedicated to ensuring that works are safeguarded with the highest caliber of security, discretion, professionalism, and care.

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