AMA: Tom Hale Joins UOVO

October 03, 2013

Art Media Agency Newsletter: Tom Hale leaves the White Cube to join UOVO Fine Art Storage

Tom Hale, who served for more than ten years as Assistant Director at the White Cube in London, is leaving the post to join the New York-based storage company, UOVO Fine Art Storage, which is to open in 2014.

Having been taught Art History and Anthropology at the University of East Anglia, Hale is joining the newly-created company founded by industrialist and art collector Steven Guttman. On its website, UOVO Fine Art Storage specifies that it is offering “next generation fine art, fashion and design storage […] to the world’s finest collections. »

The company is to provide customizable private spaces and viewing spaces, touting a museum-level knowledge of transport and handling of the works, and a digital system for the management of the works, accessible by smartphone, tablet and computer.

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