UOVO to Open New Facility

November 12, 2014

Press Release: UOVO to Open New Facility for Art Storage and Stewardship in Rockland County


Please note: UOVO:Rockland County has been renamed as UOVO:33 Kings HWY.

Orangeburg, NY—In conjunction with the opening of its flagship facility in New York City in January 2015, UOVO has announced the launch of its second facility dedicated to advancing a new paradigm for art storage and stewardship. Located 18 miles north of Manhattan in New York’s Hudson Valley region, UOVO:Rockland County offers an alternative option that embodies the core principles of UOVO’s distinctive service model: to provide individualized collection care that meets the specific needs of collectors, institutions, gallerists, and artists, with state-of-the-art facilities that meet or exceed the standards set by the world’s leading museums. While all UOVO facilities are equipped to accommodate the full range of collectors’ needs, UOVO:Rockland County is especially designed to provide intelligent solutions for the long-term care of collections.

UOVO Rockland County Expansion Press Release

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