Standard Crates

One Way

This type of crate is typically best for flatwork and small to medium sized objects. It is our most affordable fully featured crate, but one that is durable enough to last through multiple uses. This style of crate does not feature any exterior reinforcing or battening.




Two Way

This type of crate is a sturdier design then our One Way crate. This style of crate is completely battened on the exterior and provides superior strength and durability. UOVO builds its two-way crates to protect your art from any abuse it might face while in transit.

These crates are constructed for strength using 1/2 and 3/4 inch high quality plywood. A variety of interior foams are available, depending on the medium of the art. Both crate styles are appropriate for shipping via airfreight or shuttle services. All crates are competitively priced and are designed to last for many years of travel.



Travel Frames

Travel frames have become an industry standard for the museum quality transportation of flat work. This type of casing is intended to protect the surface of any painting and allows the piece to be handled without anything coming into contact with the artwork. A travel frame attaches to the back of a painting and allows for a free space around the face and sides of the work. Depending on the circumstances travel frames may be used in conjunction with an outer crate or it may function as a stand –alone package. It is important to remember that a travel frame by itself provides no cushioning to the object.



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