The Convenience of Private Viewing Rooms

March 02, 2018

Even before UOVO’s flagship facility opened in December 2014, clients were at the forefront of our business mission. The name “UOVO,” the Italian word for “egg,” reflects our promise to keep the precious items contained within our walls secure.

With clients as varied as individual artists, collectors, dealers, estate owners, and couture fashion houses, UOVO has to be accessible and adaptable for a diverse group of collectors. Our best-in-class climate-controlled storage spaces are functional, beautiful, and able to accommodate the bespoke storage needs and care requirements of nearly any material, medium, structure, or project type.

In UOVO’s purpose-built viewing rooms, clients have the same variety of choice. The gallery-quality rooms can showcase a single work, an entire collection, or even a monumental sculpture. These discrete spaces can serve a variety of purposes: confidential private viewing rooms, alternatives to a brick-and-mortar storefront, or even as a place to host a private event.

Convenience is key within UOVO’s viewing rooms. All three UOVO facilities offer private viewing rooms – in fact, UOVO: LIC boasts New York’s largest viewing room, at over 1,200 square feet – and UOVO clients can book them through their dedicated account managers. That said, viewing rooms are also available to collectors who do not currently store here, but require a secure, confidential, and discreet meeting space maintained to museum-standards. Viewing rooms can be booked for as little as half a day or as long as several weeks.

Every viewing room is designed to feel like a gallery showroom with pristine walls, concrete floors, and fully-adjustable lighting, including the option for Barrisol lighting that better approximates the effects of natural light. Our experienced art handlers can assist clients in loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, or installing pieces as per the client’s specifications, insuring the room is exactly as requested. The rooms are completely customizable and meticulously maintained. The result? A viewing experience without any distractions.

As easily as the facility’s spaces can be transformed into viewing rooms for a single painting or a large collection, they can also be converted into event spaces. Many clients choose to have their offsite events here at UOVO, particularly if they would like to display or visit their collections as part of the occasion. We regularly host a variety of events, such as cocktail parties, board meetings, and strategy summits. If requested, UOVO’s staff can even help arrange all the details, such as catering, audio visuals, and furniture rental. Other ideal uses for the viewing rooms include photo and video shoots.

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