The New York Artadia Awards

April 27, 2017

Last night, we were delighted to host the 2017 New York Artadia Awards at our Long Island City facility. Artadia, a national non-profit, selected artists Mika Tajima and Patricia Treib as this year’s winners, both artists receiving $10,000 in unrestricted funds.

UOVO staff voted to name Tajima as the recipient of the UOVO Artadia Award. “UOVO was born out of a love for the arts and our desire to provide collectors, artists, galleries, and institutions with the level of care and services their collections deserve. We’re excited to continue our support of artists and to give back to the community through our partnership with Artadia,” CEO Steve Novenstein explained.

Congratulations to the winners! Check out works by Mika Tajima and Patricia Treib and read the full press release from Artadia here.

2017-04-26 17.45.21-644223-edited.jpg

2017-04-26 17.46.06-743772-edited.jpg

Artadia Award winner Patricia Treib and Artadia board member Chris Vroom

2017-04-26 17.46.35.jpg

Artwork from the five finalists was installed in the UOVO viewing rooms for the occasion

2017-04-26 17.59.37-957325-edited.jpg

Artadia Director Carolyn Ramo announcing the winners

2017-04-26 18.53.10.jpg

Touring the UOVO facility

2017-04-26 18.48.34-054280-edited.jpg

Rosina Rubin of Atelier Anna Walinska showing her private unit at UOVO