The Role of an Account Manager in Art Storage

April 17, 2018

At UOVO, providing elevated art storage and best-in-class services is paramount. We believe our clients are best served when they are in direct communication with one individual. That’s why each UOVO client is assigned to a dedicated account manager that is readily available to process, organize, and manage all of their specialized requests. Unlike other art storage and services providers, UOVO account managers can arrange all the services a client requires including storage, packing, transportation, and installation. Our account managers are focused on cultivating strong relationships with their clients by developing an in-depth understanding of their needs and preferences. This approach maximizes productivity, efficiency, and creativity when responding to client requests.

Our account managers are extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly educated about our diverse services, from climate-controlled storage units, first-rate security systems, and digital inventory, to the transportation and installation services provided in-house by our team of art handlers trained to museum standards. This frees clients from logistics concerns and gives them the confidence that all of their art storage and services needs are being taken care of by one pair of capable hands. Just like our facilities are one-stop shops for superior art services, our account managers are the one-stop advisors for our clients.

The majority of an account manager’s time is spent communicating with their clients. The information the account manager gleans during these interactions helps guide them in developing actionable steps to meet client expectations. For example, if a client needs to move their entire collection of artwork into a secure space, their account manager will work with the operations team at UOVO to determine the number of art handlers required to complete the tasks. They’ll determine which materials are necessary for packing, transportation logistics, and the necessary hardware and equipment for installation. Booking and scheduling jobs are a major aspect of the role, but our account managers frequently make time to travel to a client’s event, home, gallery, or institution.

The unique experiences of our account managers – with backgrounds at auction houses, shipping companies, and galleries – helps to diversify the skills and perspectives of our team; as a result, our account managers offer a wealth of knowledge that fosters a higher level of understanding with clients. This not only makes them more in tune with clients, but clients feel more comfortable reaching out to account managers with a range of needs.

Hillary Hummel, UOVO’s Director of Client Services, believes being an account manager is about more than serving as an internal resource for clients. Beyond their day-to-day responsibilities, UOVO account managers also use their industry knowledge to advise clients on larger tasks with a wealth of experience behind each recommendation. Our in-house training unites account managers with each department so that they can better understand the responsibilities and nuances of our other teams. Every new account manager goes through an onboarding process, which includes meeting with the head of every department, giving them a comprehensive understanding of how every team operates in unison with one another across the facility.

The dedication and skill sets of each account manager  is what sets UOVO apart. Our industry-leading experts offer the highest caliber of professionalism and care to address the diverse needs of collectors, institutions, gallerists, and more.

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