UOVO in HBO’s ‘The Price of Everything’

January 07, 2019

The Price of Everything showcases various sectors and teams within the art world, and we were honored to be selected as the representation for the art services and storage component of the industry. Our art handlers, which are actually featured at the end of the documentary, are trained to museum standards in regards to packing, unpacking, transporting, and shipping items for a variety of events or purposes.In our feature, viewers get a rare glimpse of the UOVO team in action as they transport an artist’s paintings back to one of our facilities.

As the final credits roll, our art handlers begin de-installing an artist’s solo exhibition at a gallery located on the Upper East Side. They prepare the room of paintings for transportation before the pieces are placed onto one of our ten trucks. Our art handlers are meticulous about this entire process, from the materials they use to pack items to the way the paintings are carried out of the gallery space to the way they are organized on the truck. This ensures the highest caliber of care.

Once the paintings are secured in the truck, our drivers transport them over the Queensborough bridge to our flagship facility located in New York City, which is actually the first purpose-built storage facility to be constructed in the city. This space offers unparalleled convenience, with 280,000 square feet of storage, private and concierge storage options, nine total loading docks, and a 24/7 hour security system.

At the facility, our art handlers unload the paintings, scan them into our digital inventory system, and then load them onto one of our freight elevators. From there, the paintings are placed into private storage, which are completely customizable with lighting, racking, and climate-controlled temperatures that are necessary to preserve each collection. After the items are scanned again to record their exact location, our art handlers exit the room; the door locks behind them and the storage room cannot be entered again until either the client wants access or one of our approved staff is given the go-ahead to enter.

The Price of Everything begins with stunning visuals: one-of-a-kind sculptures and vibrant paintings hung against immaculate white walls are the first images the viewers see. But what really stood out to us was a statement one of the commentators made in the opening dialogue when talking about art: “You only protect things that are valuable.” This same concept is at the core of our company—it’s in our name, actually. “UOVO,” the Italian word for “egg,” demonstrates our desire to protect the fragility of the items inside our walls. To us, valuable also means anything of historical, cultural, or even personal significance. In order to safeguard these items, UOVO provides quality spaces and services to our client base.

You can watch the full documentary on HBO Now.

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