UOVO’s Architecture Merges Practicality and Personality

February 13, 2019

When UOVO Founder and Chairman Steven Guttman began planning for the company’s first Long Island facility, he didn’t just want a building that could safeguard art with the highest caliber of security, privacy, dedication, and care—he wanted one that could serve as a dynamic hub for clients by creating an accessible and inviting environment.


Creating a purpose-built facility that can safely store artworks is tricky enough, and Guttman’s passion for a brand-driven aesthetic added another layer of complexity to the planning process. On other projects, a company’s graphic designer and architect are involved in separate stages of new businesses and might never meet; on this project, they collaborated. Guttman asked the two to find a way to translate the brand’s aesthetic into a brick-and-mortar building from the ground up.


They delivered.


The final design for UOVO’s Long Island City facility merged the company’s practical needs with a visual representation of its three central tenets: security, professionalism, and care.


UOVO:NYC’s unique and modern design merges these qualities. The metal construction means improved modularization, allowing UOVO to create custom spaces for clients more easily. Moreover, there is no risk of off-gassing, which can damage fragile materials over time.  Selective placement of windows and doors increases security while decreasing the penetration of UV rays and exposure to environmental elements like unfiltered air. Video cameras, motion sensors and temperature sensors discreetly monitor the entire location, ensuring the highest-level of security without compromising the welcoming atmosphere.


Most of all, UOVO’s facilities are built with attention to care. From museum-quality lighting to client cafes, UOVO was built as a community to effectively serve the arts and their patrons. We recognize that like the egg the company takes its name from, the collections we care for are fragile and need to be handled carefully. In our logo, a blue square encompasses a stylized egg, protecting it from harm — just as our walls surround and protect the pieces we are asked to safeguard.

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