UOVO’s COVID-19 Response

The health and safety of the UOVO community is our top priority. We are pleased to share an overview of our updated operating policies and procedures, in response to the challenges posed by COVID-19.


General Facility Guidelines:

Hours of operation at all facilities will be Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM.

Client cafes will remain closed until further notice.

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are available throughout all UOVO locations.

Hand washing stations and protective shields have been installed at key access points.

CASPR air filtration units are being installed for high traffic areas. These machines use UV light through a photo catalytic process to neutralize the water and air molecules flowing past the unit to purify the air.


Visiting Guidelines:

Direct collection access is provided on an appointment-only basis. These appointments are in place to prevent overcrowding in shared areas of our building.

Should a visitor arrive outside of their allotted timeframe, we will do our best to accommodate them safely. However, in this case the client should be prepared to wait until either outside or in the vestibule until they are cleared to enter the lobby by our Client Experience team member at the front desk.

All visitors, as well as all staff members, are required to correctly wear a mask over one’s nose and mouth at all times while inside any UOVO facility. Should a visitor within one of our facilities not have a mask with them when they arrive, a UOVO representative will be happy to provide a face mask that meets the PPE requirements.

Social distancing is now the standard – we ask that all visitors and guests maintain a 6’ distance and refrain from gathering in groups. UOVO employees will politely remind visitors of this practice throughout the visit as needed.

Visitors are expected to adhere to all additional distance and safety policies that may be posted throughout the facilities.

Should you be feeling ill, we ask you do not enter into UOVO’s facility and reschedule your appointment. UOVO reserves the right to ask any visitor exhibiting signs of illness to kindly leave the premises.

If you are have recently traveled to an area that requires quarantine upon entry to New York state, we ask you do not enter our facilities until your quarantine period has elapsed without symptoms.


Third-Party Guidelines:

All third-party carriers must correctly wear a mask (over both the nose and mouth) at all times while inside any UOVO facility and remain 6’ social distancing from UOVO staff.

As above, direct collection access is provided on an appointment-only basis. These appointments are in place to prevent overcrowding in shared areas of our building.

Should a third party not arrive within their allotted timeframe, we will do our best to accommodate them safely. However, in that instance they should be prepared to wait until the Dock area is confirmed to be clear by our Inventory Control Coordinators.

Any unannounced third-party deliveries or collections may be subject to rescheduling.

Third-party drivers and handlers are required to load/unload their own trucks.


UOVO Staff Precautions:

All UOVO staff will be outfitted with complete PPE in conjunction with recommendations from the Art Service Worker Safety Coalition.

All UOVO staff will take their temperatures prior to arrival onsite each morning, as well as self-screen for possible symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the start of their shift.

Team members who are feeling ill (and experiencing COVID-like symptoms) will be mandated to stay home.

Art handlers will work in dedicated pairs to limit exposure.

Tools are assigned individually and cleaned multiple times a day.

Handwashing is encouraged regularly throughout the day.

Our dedicated, full-time maintenance crew has implemented round-the-clock, enhanced cleaning techniques, with a special focus on high-touch surfaces.

Lunches and breaks are scheduled consciously, so that our employees have a clean and uncrowded space to enjoy their rest periods.


 UOVO Transportation Service Adjustments:

Prior to performing work in any residential or commercial spaces, UOVO will require that clients sign and acknowledge UOVO’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan, a form which will be provided to clients by their respective Account Manager.

Upon arrival at the client location, a member of the team may do a safety walk-through to assess the safety of the work site. Should safety be a concern and/or if the UOVO team members feels that the client has failed to abide by the guidelines in the signed acknowledgment, the job may need to be rescheduled or, in the worst case, cancelled.

All vehicles will be stocked with PPE kits containing masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.

All vehicles will be outfitted with a vehicle-mounted handwashing station.

Couriers will not be allowed to ride within the cab of UOVO’s vehicle; we encourage couriers to use a follow car.

The full UOVO fleet will be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis by our full-time maintenance crew; additionally, the surfaces of the vehicles’ cab will be disinfected by the drivers of the vehicle at the beginning and end of each shift

All transportation paperwork will be completed digitally, and devices will be cleaned with alcohol before and after each use.


While this is by no means and exhaustive list, and whereas this document may be revised in conjunction with CDC guidelines, we hope these insights are valuable as you consider your current and future art storage and services. Rest assured, our commitment to the safety and security of the collections in our care will never waiver.

If you have any questions about our procedures, feel free to contact your Account Manager, or email us at info@uovo.art.


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