Video: Construction at 100 Bradley PKWY, Part 2

November 14, 2016

As mentioned in our previous post on our renovation of UOVO:100 Bradley PKWY, we are converting a former light manufacturing plant in Rockland County to serve as a highly efficient storage facility for art collections and fashion archives.

In this second timelapse video on the renovation, you can see our team grinding the floors of the facility where there was previously a layer of epoxy and unevenness from installed machinery. The grinding creates an even surface, which allows for dollies and machinery to move safely around the space – something that’s especially important when handling art! Once the floors have a nice even surface, a dust inhibitor and sealant is also applied to ensure optimal levels of warehouse cleanliness.

We’re also very excited for our new viewing room, in process below. The room has 16’ ceilings and will measure approximately 700 square feet.


Stay tuned for our next post on our concierge storage racking build out!


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