Video: De-installing Monumental Sculpture

August 16, 2016

Earlier this spring, we were excited to have a monumental sculpture by Bernar Venet, 221.5° Arc x 14 (2012), installed at UOVO:33 Kings HWY. The work was installed on a large swath of lawn on our property that functions as an outdoor viewing room: a natural setting for a work of art designed for, in the artist’s words, the interaction of “sunrises and sunsets…the golden light that steeps the Corten steel in red and brown hints.” 221.5° Arc x 14 consists of two intertwined elements weighing 2500 pounds each; the work was so heavy it required 6 handlers from our light rigging team and a telescoping boom lift to deinstall!

Venet is a conceptual artist who originally entered the art historical canon in 1963 with his work Tas de charbon (Pile of Coal), the first sculpture without a specific shape. Venet’s sculptural practice explores the visual relationship between the linear landscape and the curves of his art – the arc is a tool for Venet to question the nature of equilibrium. This focus on equilibrium is evident in the deinstallation process too: the key to working with a sculpture like 221.5° Arc x 14 is to find the center of gravity. One element must be lifted without touching the other, and the work must remain balanced when it is hoisted up into the air to ensure the safety of the artwork and team. Check out the footage below!

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