Video: Packing Fragile Artwork

April 06, 2017

When we’re asked to pack an object, our experienced technical team evaluates each piece to create a custom packing plan for scenarios ranging from a truck ride across town to long term storage to an overseas flight.

In this video, UOVO Crew Chief Aaron Gerth demonstrates a step-by-step process for packing a fragile Guido Gambone vase.

After identifying the appropriate materials for the specific work (in this case, ethafoam and Tyvek), they are then carefully cut to the vase’s dimensions. This work, for example, requires a foam cavity as well as structural supports for the vase’s neck. Once the proper container has been constructed, a safe path is identified for the artwork to move along and the work is very carefully loaded.

With our emphasis on quality and craftsmanship in packing, we give our clients peace of mind that their artwork is safe in storage and transit.


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