What Top-Tier Museums Require from Off-Site Storage Providers

July 14, 2019

At UOVO, our facilities offer dynamic spaces where museum professionals can engage with collected objects in a secure environment with museum-standard climate control. We regularly host museum board members, conservators, students, archivists, scholars, researchers, and other professionals as they work with the art they store in our facilities.


UOVO’s best-in-class services and facilities make our locations ideal choices for museums looking to store their collections off-site. UOVO offers:


  • Flexible storage options for collections of any medium or size
  • Round-the-clock security and concierge services
  • Comprehensive transportation support


UOVO’s storage environments and extensive suite of services are the reason the world’s most recognizable museums and institutions serving specialized interests alike, choose to trust us with their off-site collections.


Flexible, Museum-Quality Storage Options

All UOVO facilities maintain top-of-the-line, customizable climate control systems. We recognize that our museum clients often need to meet the conditions of their loan agreements in storage, and so can tailor a client’s collections space to meet complex specifications regarding temperature, humidity, and UV filtration. Features we often address include pest management policies, room privacy, UV filtration specifications, and security and alarm systems. UOVO appreciates that our clients vary in their specific needs. As such, we offer storage at a variety of price points and climate levels suited for everything from empty crates to antique textiles.


UOVO is designed to support a Museum’s specific requirements, so staff can work full-time from all our locations, as needed. On request, we help clients turn their private storage rooms into functioning project spaces equipped with custom resources like work stations, viewing walls, or cold storage. In addition, UOVO: LIC and UOVO: BROOKLYN both feature on-site client cafés and convenient subway access.


Round-the-Clock Security

Those of us at UOVO know that our clients value security, so we offer the reassurance of round-the-clock monitoring. Our continuous security and monitoring systems ensure that the objects stored with us will be safe from unauthorized visitors, climate instability, or pests. We can also generate detailed reports on our security capabilities if a loan agreement or museum board requires.


Complete Account Management

When Steven Guttman opened UOVO’s first facility in 2014, he wanted to ensure that his clients would have a seamless experience. Regardless of how complex their needs may be, our clients communicate with a dedicated account manager. Account managers handle all of the logistics involved in storing and transporting the off-site collections; they coordinate transportation, discuss details with curators, and schedule visits as requested. They also work with museum registrars to address whatever long-term plans and short-term needs may arise. We want our clients to see their UOVO contact as an extension of a museum’s team, rather than an outside representative.


Comprehensive Travel Support

UOVO’s fleet of trucks is well-equipped to transport collections of all sizes, from a single canvas to monumental sculpture. We have a climate-controlled tractor-trailer that can support traveling exhibitions or large collection moves. Conversely, all UOVO facilities have docks that can accommodate tractor-trailers, ensuring a seamless, secure transition of works to and from storage.


UOVO offers a flexible suite of storage and transportation services suited for museums, private collectors, galleries, architects, foundations, and fashion and interior designers alike. Contact us today to see if our facilities are right for you.

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