All About Concierge Storage

November 23, 2016


What is concierge storage?

UOVO offers a number of storage options designed to meet the varying needs – and price points – of our customers.

Concierge storage is a shared or co-mingled storage option that is available at all UOVO locations. It’s a great solution for both temporary and long term storage needs, and can accommodate everything from just one painting to an entire collection. If price and flexibility are your most important factors, we typically recommend concierge storage.

All UOVO clients are assigned an account manager, who is the client’s main point of contact for any request. The Account Manager functions as a personal registrar knowledgeable in your collection’s needs, and can coordinate our extensive suite of art services, including packing, domestic and international shipping, installation, project management, and inventory control.

A number of reasons why concierge storage may be right for you:

1. It’s safe and highly secure:

The concierge storage areas are exclusively accessed by select UOVO personnel, all of whom undergo a thorough background check. Our security system requires them to scan into concierge storage so we can monitor who has entered the storage spaces.

The physical safety of property in our warehouse is ensured by the specialized racking we use, which is designed to provide the safest and most efficient storage for various types of media – from works on paper to monumental sculpture. Additionally, all of our concierge storage maintains a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and our climate-controlled concierge storage also maintains a consistent 50% humidity. Concierge storage areas are routinely checked by our Inventory Controllers to confirm that property is stored properly on the racks.

2. Our digital inventory system ensures we won’t lose track of your property:

We have designed a rigorous system to ensure we always know the precise location of your property inside of our warehouse. When property arrives at UOVO, it is inventoried and barcoded, and then scanned into its exact storage location inside of the facility, down to the shelf on the rack. UOVO SCAN, a custom application that allows for mobile scanning of inventory via a WiFi connected iPhone, updates locations in our inventory management system in real time. It allows your account manager to seamlessly provide a list of all stored property and its location inside our facilities at your request. If you need to retrieve your property from storage, we can have it ready for pick up or delivered to you quickly.

Dedicated inventory controllers and warehouse managers monitor our processes and procedures to confirm their accuracy.

To learn more about Inventory Management at UOVO, check out the video here.

3. It’s flexible and cost-effective:

Concierge storage pricing is based on the exact volume of property stored, determined by the dimensions of the packed works. If your storage volume typically ebbs and flows, concierge storage is the most cost-effective option – you never have to pay for empty pathways between racks or overhead space – and you certainly can’t upsize and downsize a private room on a daily basis! Our leasing team is happy to help you estimate the amount of space you need in cubic feet based on the dimensions of your property so you can make an informed decision, and month-to-month as well as long-term contracts are both available.

4. Our concierge storage clients can take advantage of our exclusive amenities:

A concierge storage account gives clients access to exclusive amenities including five hours complimentary use of a private workspace per week and shared flex spaces to interact with property as needed. In addition, all clients can book our on-site viewing and conference rooms. Wifi throughout the building and our client cafe (free snacks and cold brew on tap!) sweeten the deal.

UOVO is committed to finding solutions for collections of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to discuss how we can best address your needs.

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