Wine Services | UOVO Wine
  • Wine Storage

    To its collector, every wine collection is priceless. It is with this philosophy that we have built an expansive network of wine storage facilities across the United States. Featuring rigorous security protections and meticulous environmental controls, rest assured that your wine is in good hands.

  • Wine Transportation

    Find the solution to your wine transit needs with UOVO’s premium suite of transportation services. Whether you’re relocating locally, nationally, or internationally, taking a little wine or the whole cellar, UOVO Wine will make it a seamless move.

  • Home Cellar Management

    UOVO is home to some of the world’s leading authorities on wine. We advise our clients on what to drink, what to age, and where to go for their next wine adventure.

  • Collection Inventories

    Accumulating wine is one of life’s great joys but even the most meticulous collector can lose track of their collection as it grows. UOVO provides extensive full cellar inventories to help you get a clear picture of your collection, wherever it may be.

  • Appraisals

    It is important for any collector to know the value of their collection. UOVO’s cellar advisors will provide you with a complete picture of your wine’s value to assist with liquidation, insurance coverage, transit, and more.

  • Collection Acquisitions

    Every wine collector looks forward to discovering new vintages and varietals that surprise and delight. UOVO Wine is here to make it easier to fill your cellar with the perfect bottle or case. Whether it’s from a retailer, auction house, or private collector, our team will handle the legwork of tracking down what you need so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy.

  • Wine Sales

    UOVO Wine is your end-to-end advisor on selling wine from your collection. We will help you choose the correct time, place, and price for your listed items to make sure you maximize your return.