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Wine Appraisals

It is important for any collector to know the value of their collection. UOVO’s cellar advisors will provide you with a complete picture of your wine’s value to assist with liquidation, insurance coverage, transit, and more.

Our Holistic Approach

  • Thorough Analysis

    Our wine appraisal team analyzes specific factors for each bottle to determine its fair market value. We evaluate wine by technique, vintage, condition, availability, and more.

  • Market-Ready Estimations

    Our appraisers provide estimates informed by the latest industry trends, backed by decades of expertise. When you’re ready to part with your collection, you can have full confidence that it will meet its appraised value in the wine market.

  • Insurance Preparations

    Many collectors seek a full appraisal before insuring their collection. In addition to a clear and accurate appraisal, we’re happy to facilitate the entire transaction and connect you with the best wine insurance provider for you.

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