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UOVO Wine offers comprehensive wine collection services, supporting wine collectors in all 50 states and internationally. Our team of industry-leading experts provides a wide range of storage, transit, buying, selling, and home cellar organization solutions.

UOVO Wine currently operates as Domaine, the leading storage, advisory, and logistical firm for wine connoisseurs in the US.

To learn more about Domaine, visit domainestorage.com.

Wine Storage and Collection Management

  • Every wine collection is priceless. It is with this philosophy that Domaine, a UOVO company, has built premier wine storage facilities across the United States. Featuring rigorous security protections and meticulous environmental controls, we ensure your wine ages exactly as intended.

    Whether your cellar is brand new or well-established, allow us to organize it to your liking. We’re happy to organize by region, varietal or any other taxonomy. We can also advise you on your inventory based on the current market.

    When you’re ready to retrieve bottles from your collection, Domaine will handle the transportation. Our expansive network allows us to ship wine across the country and beyond, in partnership with the industry’s leading names in refrigerated transit.

Learn More About Our Services

  • Our services include:

    • Wine Storage
    • Wine Transportation
    • Inventory
    • Appraisals
    • Cellar Management
    • Buying and Selling

    Browse all services and learn more at domainestorage.com.

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