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Selling Your Wine

UOVO Wine is your end-to-end advisor on selling wine from your collection. We will help you choose the correct time, place, and price for your listed items to make sure you maximize your return.

Ways to Sell

  • Auction Houses

    Many collections will fare well at auction, but there’s still due diligence to consider when selling wine through this route. We’ll make sure the auction house properly cares for your wine and knows its value before they sell your wine.

  • Private Collectors

    In addition to our own portfolio of clients, UOVO Wine has cultivated personal relationships with some of the world’s leading wine collectors and utilizes our network when selling your wine. We take pride in connecting our network of wine lovers, even more so when it leads to a great deal.

  • Directly to UOVO Wine

    As a fully licensed retailer, UOVO Wine can make an offer for your prized collection. We generally purchase wine that we feel represents our clients’ distinct tastes and desires.

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