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Wardrobe Inventory & Photography

In addition to wardrobe storage and preservation services, UOVO Fashion provides professional photography for cataloging, archiving, and inventory purposes—all manageable through the MyCloset app.

Get organized with UOVO’s wardrobe inventory app

  • MyCloset, an intuitive and easy-to-use digital tool for cataloging and managing your wardrobe, is exclusively available to UOVO Fashion clients. The app allows clients to view all of the items in UOVO’s care and provides a seamless option for setting up delivery of one or more of your pieces to your home or other location. MyCloset also displays wardrobe pictures of any garments and accessories that are not kept in our care.

    Whether you’re seeking out storage for your most beloved items of clothing or in need of a fully digitized inventory of your wardrobe, UOVO Fashion’s professional services can help you get organized.

From The UOVO Journal