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Wine Collection Inventories

Accumulating wine is one of life’s great joys but even the most meticulous collector can lose track of their collection as it grows. UOVO provides extensive full cellar inventories to help you stay on top of your collection, wherever it may be.

Custom Collection Assessments

  • Personalized Approach

    Our team will reach out to you beforehand to learn about why you’re taking an inventory. Our process varies depending on if you’re preparing your cellar for auction, looking to digitize your collection, etc.

  • Detailed Inventory

    Each and every bottle is carefully inventoried by our team. We’ll be sure to document your entire collection, even if you store wine in multiple locations.

  • Real-Time Data

    Your entire collection will be barcoded and cataloged in your personal online account. Simply log in to your account for an up-to-date look at your cellar.

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