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Fashion Archiving Solutions

UOVO is uniquely equipped to handle fashion archives, ideal for designers and brands. Similar to an in-house archivist, our team of highly-trained fashion experts will archive collections of all sizes and at any scale. Each archival item is meticulously inspected, cataloged, photographed, and packed to ensure the highest level of preservation.

Our Expertise

  • Archiving With UOVO Fashion

    Archiving is a necessity, but it should not be a chore. Our expert team of fashion scholars and archivists has been entrusted with priceless collections from such iconic design houses as Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Jason Wu, among others.

    We utilize specialty clothing storage boxes, clothing preservation boxes, and a range of couture-grade packing and organizational methods to ensure your collection is protected. Clients have access to their inventory via MyCloset as well as next-day delivery, pickup service, and expert garment care.

  • Featured in The New York Times

    UOVO is the preferred storage service for leading fashion brands. Don’t take our word for it. Read what brands have to say in The New York Times.

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