Looking for more information about UOVO Art? Find the answers to frequently asked questions, below.


  • What kind of storage do I need?

    At UOVO, we offer two storage options: concierge storage and private rooms. The space you need will depend on a few factors: your budget, the size of your collection, and how you plan to utilize the space.

    Our cost-effective concierge storage is ideal for clients whose inventory fluctuates frequently or who have a temporary storage need. These collections are managed solely by UOVO’s experienced art technicians, who are available to assist clients with transportation, packing, or inventory control.

    Our private rooms are best suited to clients who need frequent and direct access to their inventory. Spaces are fully customizable from 50 to 50,000 square feet. UOVO’s in-house designers can modify everything in the unit to store your collection to the highest standard, such as adding museum-grade lighting, bespoke racking, or specialized work areas. Clients can choose to either maintain complete control of their inventory or use UOVO’s barcode system for digital inventory management.

  • Do you have climate-controlled art storage?

    All of our locations offer temperature-controlled and climate-controlled storage. Our temperature-controlled rooms are ideal for items like outdoor sculptures. Our climate-controlled storage rooms are maintained at 70 degrees with a 50 percent humidity level, aligning with industry standards. Climate control assists in the preservation of materials that are adversely affected by fluctuations in humidity, including paper, wood, and textiles. Clients looking to store fashion collections benefit from climate-controlled storage. We also advise to store paintings and fine furniture in this environment.

  • How much does it cost to store my collection at UOVO?

    Payment depends on the type of storage space. Private rooms are billed by square foot, meaning you will pay the same monthly rent no matter how many items are stored. With concierge storage, billing is based on the cubic feet of items actually in storage. This ensures clients are only billed for space they are actively using at any given time. Invoices can be easily paid through UOVO’s proprietary client portal, a digital tool for managing your collection.

  • Where are UOVO’s art storage facilities located?

    UOVO is a national art storage and services provider with state-of-the-art facilities in New York, Delaware, Florida, California, Colorado, and Texas.

    We service the New York metropolitan area, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, Palm Beach, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Aspen, Dallas, and other markets across the United States.


  • Who will have access to my storage unit?

    At UOVO, security is a top priority. With concierge storage, only UOVO’s team of expert art handlers has access to this shared space. Our art handlers manage every aspect of collection care, including shipping, receiving, packing, and crating.

    Clients with private rooms have an authorized access list recorded on their account. Photo IDs are required to check in to our facilities. Only confirmed clients or those with written permission will be granted an access card and admitted beyond reception. Our state-of-the-art security assures no one has access to a floor or unit that isn’t theirs.

  • What kind of on-site security do you provide?

    All of our facilities nationwide are monitored using a state-of-the-art, custom security system. Video surveillance and motion detectors run 24 hours a day. All visitors’ images are recorded in our central database as part of our check-in process, and all our employees undergo an extensive background check. Private rooms are equipped with specialty locks and touch-base alarms that record all storage unit activity.