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UOVO Fashion FAQs

Looking for more information about UOVO Fashion? Find the answers to frequently asked questions, below.




  • How many pickups and deliveries are included in the monthly fee?

    Clients are entitled to one local delivery per month and UOVO Fashion reserves the right to charge for subsequent deliveries. There is no charge for pickups in our local delivery areas.

  • How do I submit a pickup request?

    If you would like to schedule a pickup, please submit a request through the MyCloset platform.

  • How long does it take to receive the items I need?

    UOVO Fashion offers next-day delivery of up to 10 garments in most areas. We strive to accommodate your schedule for all deliveries and pickups. If you require a rush or after-hours delivery, surcharges will apply. After-hours and weekend deliveries must be scheduled in advance. UOVO Fashion is closed for major public holidays and cannot guarantee deliveries during these dates.

  • Can I utilize your services if I don’t live in a region where UOVO Fashion is located?

    UOVO Fashion provides travel wardrobe and delivery services for clients worldwide. No matter where you live, UOVO Fashion is the ideal way to keep your wardrobe looking its best year-round. To get started, we will coordinate a pickup or shipment from your home. If you are traveling to or near one of our locations, you have the option of bringing the wardrobe with you and leaving it with us upon departure. The starting rate for out-of-area deliveries is $100/hr. Please inquire for an estimate.


  • How much does it cost to store my items?

    Billing is determined by the number of storage racks you require. You may store up to 50 garments per rack. Additionally, each rack includes complimentary space for 10 pairs of shoes and 10 accessories. If a garment is longer than 60” or bulky, it will be counted as two items. Boots are also counted as two pairs of shoes.

    Additional items are typically billed at $8 per item.

    Please note that preferential pricing can be extended to clients with significant garment volume and/or a two-year (or longer) commitment.