UOVO Fashion Storage

UOVO is reimagining fashion storage for fashion houses, independent designers, entertainers, museums and individuals.  Whether you have five garments or 5,000, UOVO offers the highest quality storage in the industry for clothing and accessories.

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Fashion Storage

Couture Fashion Storage at UOVO

UOVO fashion storage is fully customizable. Each client selects their ideal storage type and climate control level based on their unique needs. We have solutions for archival projects, brand heritage initiatives, museum show preparations or simply not enough closet space.

  • Private storage:  UOVO offers secure private storage spaces with individualized floor plans, customizable lighting, bespoke racking for any type of apparel and optional built-in work spaces. Ideal for clients who want direct access to their collections.
  • Concierge storage: A traditional valet receive-and-release approach priced per garment.
  • Level 1 climate: Temperature stabilization
  • Level 2 climate: Temperature and humidity stabilization, creating a museum-standard environment for optimal archival preservation

Fashion Services

Image of Fashion Services
UOVO: MODA handlers for The World of Anna Sui at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Photograph: Kris Graves.

UOVO is more than just storage. We offer full-service solutions for your fashion archive:

  • Trained and experienced technical team with knowledge of textile and garment care
  • A dedicated client services account manager who ensures rapid response to all service requests
  • Local, national and international shipping
  • Pristine viewing rooms for in-house designer presentations and photoshoots
  • Inventory management options including photography, data entry and digital archive upload
  • Access to app-based inventory management systems
  • Professional fashion archivist services

Facilities for Fashion

Textiles are vulnerable to environmental forces including humidity fluctuations, water damage, and exposure to light. With UOVO, clients can store in an environment that meets museum standards:

  • Temperature and relative humidity are stabilized/monitored
  • All light sources can be UV-treated
  • The highest level of protection from natural disasters, like floods and fire
  • Accessible at all four of UOVO’s storage facilities: our New York City flagship, both locations in Rockland County, and our newest location in Bushwick, Brooklyn
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