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Cultured Highlights UOVO’s Expansion

October 18, 2023


The fashion industry is perennially future-focused—it’s always about the next season, the next trend, the next “it” designer. But over the past few decades, with the mounting popularity of fashion exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and elsewhere, the field—as well as individual fashion lovers whose closets are bursting with vintage treasures—have come to recognize that the past deserves our attention, too. And that’s where UOVO Fashion comes in.

UOVO, the storage and logistics company perhaps best known for its work with fine art, has been on a mission to encompass other collectibles, including fashion and wine. In 2021, the company acquired Garde Robe, a high-end fashion storage service, and Domaine, a storage and logistics firm for wine connoisseurs. Now, it’s consolidating and rebranding the offerings under the UOVO umbrella.

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