What kind of storage do I need? | UOVO

What kind of storage do I need?

February 21, 2024

At UOVO, we offer two storage options: concierge storage and private rooms. The space you need will depend on a few factors: your budget, the size of your collection, and how you plan to utilize the space.

Our cost-effective concierge storage is ideal for clients whose inventory fluctuates frequently or who have a temporary storage need. These collections are managed solely by UOVO’s experienced art technicians, who are available to assist clients with transportation, packing, or inventory control.

Our private rooms are best suited to clients who need frequent and direct access to their inventory. Spaces are fully customizable from 50 to 50,000 square feet. UOVO’s in-house designers can modify everything in the unit to store your collection to the highest standard, such as adding museum-grade lighting, bespoke racking, or specialized work areas. Clients can choose to either maintain complete control of their inventory or use UOVO’s barcode system for digital inventory management.