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How to Elevate Your Wine Collection with Professional Storage

April 17, 2024

As many wine collectors know, the pleasures of collecting often clash with the challenge of properly storing your wine. Unfortunately, not every wine storage solution guarantees the safety and integrity that your prized bottles demand. That’s where professional wine storage steps in.

Why opt for working with a professional wine storage company? Simply put, these companies can take on the responsibility of safeguarding your collection until you’re ready to relish or sell it. A professional wine storage service can transform your wine stewardship experience, as testimonials like this can attest:

“Professional storage revolutionized my wine collection. For those with limited space, it’s indispensable. I no longer fret over temperature fluctuations or disruptions. My investment — whether for pleasure or sale — is impeccably shielded.”.

“When considering selling my home, moving, and downsizing, the question: “What to do with my wine cellar,” was a major one that needed answers. Selecting a company like UOVO Wine, provided an advisor to help me through the entire process. From inventory and appraisal, to packaging and pickup, to consignment and sale – the whole process was seamless.”

How Can Professional Wine Storage Services Help You?
In addition to providing secure, temperature-controlled storage for your wine collection, there are other benefits to working with a professional wine storage service, including:

  • Inventory management: All new arrivals should be logged into a secure database that captures where the wine shipment originated, how they were transported and in what condition they arrived at the facility.
  • Collection discretion: By shipping directly to the storage facility, you eliminate the need to be present to sign for your delivery and avoid the back-breaking task of hauling packages home.  Choose shipping-to-storage service and experience a stress-free receiving process.
  • Efficiency and accessibility: Automated messaging should inform you when your newest arrivals are placed into storage.  Once inventoried, you would have a complete picture of your collection, including its value, drinkability, and a simple process for getting your wine to you, safely and securely.
  • Service: Take advantage of services that facilitate all aspects of collecting – beyond storage. Knowledgeable storage experts should also be able to answer any questions you may have during your wine collecting journey – from procuring a special bottle for you to reviewing your collection in its entirety.

That said, not every wine storage facility or service provider is the same. Keep reading to learn what you should look for in a company before you entrust your collection to them.

Selecting the Optimal Wine Storage Company for Your Collection
A top-tier wine storage company will demonstrate an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the safety, security and meticulous care of your wines. How can you be sure that your service provider possesses this kind of commitment?

Safety and Security
Maintaining a near-constant temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity is essential for proper wine storage. Reputable wine storage service providers adhere to these standards and can present a track record to substantiate it.

The amount of moisture in the air matters because protection against water damage to labels is imperative to preserve a wine’s value. Additionally, preserving cork moisture and the bottle seal is essential to warding off oxidation and extending the wine’s lifespan.

Of course, there are also human threats to consider: Properly securing wine in storage units and rigorous security measures are at the core of all operations, ensuring the safety of your collection through theft-prevention measures.

If you want to know whether a company you’re considering working with follows these best practices, try asking them the following questions, and ensure that they have these facility checkpoints in place as well:

Key Inquiries

  • How is power outage and equipment malfunction managed?
  • What contingency plans are in place for generator failures?
  • What is the quality of the facility’s infrastructure against natural disasters?
  • What surveillance measures operate during and after business hours?
  • Does the company offer loss protection coverage?

Facility Checkpoints

  • High-quality, well-organized wine storage lockers
  • Onsite transportation availability with refrigerated trucks

Service Offerings
There are different types of wine storage service offerings available. The two primary service tiers include locker storage and managed services.

Locker storage provides the ideal wine storing environment, allowing for the personal management of stored wines within a designated space. In other words, you manage your own locked wine storage unit within a wine storage facility.

Key Queries for Locker Storage

  • Are the hours of access reasonable and flexible?
  • Is there adequate after-hours security?
  • Can I get loss protection?

Home cellar management, on the other hand, entrusts wine management entirely to the service provider. This provider should ideally be able to help with everything from comprehensive inventory management to consultation  about all services required during the collection journey. Whether you store your wine at a facility or you have a private wine storage area in your home, these wine experts can help.

Key Queries for Managed Storage

  • What inventory methods are used, and are details captured adequately?
  • Will I be able to access information about stored wines’ maturity and valuation?
  • Are auction guidance and communication with advisors provided?
  • Does the provider coordinate vineyard-to-home transit?
  • Are in-home consultations and storage advice available?
  • Are the staff members friendly and responsive?

The finest wine storage companies alleviate the burdens that can come with serious wine collecting, making collection management effortless, pleasurable, stress-free and potentially lucrative. Contact our team at UOVO Wine Storage to learn more about the wide array of services we offer to help you manage your collection.