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How To Store Vintage Clothing Professionally

April 25, 2024

When you have a vintage clothing collection you need to store and archive, there are crucial steps that need to take place first. Here are some tips on properly preparing your historical clothing for professional storage.

Clean and dust
Before you archive clothing with a company, make sure your vintage items are properly cleaned and dust-free. Contaminants can break down the fabric over time. It’s best to have them professionally cleaned before contacting a business for storage services, but if you’re taking care of them at home, be sure to follow any instructions provided for the material and use cleaners specially formulated for vintage clothing.

Inspect for insects and treat
Most professional garment storage companies will perform an inspection as well, but doing your own is a good way to avoid surprises when experts take a look at your pieces. Beetles, moths, silverfish and other pests can damage textiles. Inspect your clothing for any of these insects. Use the appropriate traps to remove them from your environment, so it’s ready for new pieces in your collection. Archival boxes for clothes are specially designed for fabric storage, but they can’t protect from bugs that are already there.

Research professional storage services
Choosing a company to archive clothing with is no small decision. This is your prized collection, which you’ve gathered with care. Whether your pieces are part of an archive, curated for fashion studies, chosen for stylists at your business or acting as a catalog of your designed garments, you’ll want to be confident about the storage methods in use. Do they often handle designer clothes? What sort of archival boxes for clothes do they store your pieces in? How do they organize and protect your collection? Look up information on their websites to understand how a company runs their business before you give them yours.

Those are the essential features, but you should also look into the extra services that could prove useful as your fashion collection changes and grows. Look for digital archive tools, delivery and pickup options or garment photography to suit your needs. You might not need these now — but it’s always better to have the solution there just in case than needing to change companies later for that reason.

Learn about UOVO Fashion
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