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Moving Your Wine Collection – What to Expect

May 22, 2024

Storing wine at home is a breeze—until it’s time to relocate! Moving a valuable wine collection requires meticulous care and expert handling. This means expertly packing it into durable boxes, coordinating climate-controlled transportation, and ensuring it’s safely stored until your new cellar is ready. Let’s break down the process, ensuring every bottle in your collection arrives in perfect condition.

Scheduling: Entrusting UOVO Wine Transit to oversee the shipping process minimizes the stress of your move. Coordinating pick-up, transit, and delivery with various vendors can be intricate, but your dedicated transit coordinator streamlines the process, ensuring smooth hand-offs while accommodating your schedule.

Packing: Properly packing your wine is paramount. Employing a team experienced in this art ensures your bottles can withstand the journey. UOVO Wine’s white-glove service will pack your collection for you and our specialized cardboard wine boxes offer optimal protection and space utilization, accommodating bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Pick up: Once packed, a scheduled pick-up date is arranged. A local team expertly loads the wine onto pallets, ensuring secure stacking and wrapping for safe transportation on climate-controlled trucks to the transit hub.

Transit: Climate-controlled tractor trailers ferry the wine to a local transit hub, where it’s dispatched for local delivery at an agreed upon date. All vehicles are GPS monitored with personnel with the shipment 24/7.

Temporary Storage: If your new cellar isn’t ready upon arrival, temporary climate-controlled storage is available at the transit hub. Wine can remain pallet-wrapped to manage costs unless intermediate access is required.

Unpacking and Cellar Stocking: Upon readiness, the wine is delivered, unloaded, and optionally unpacked, inventoried, and arranged in your cellar—completing the “rack-to-rack” experience.

As a comprehensive wine services company, UOVO is adept at managing every aspect of this process. Beyond the logistical intricacies, UOVO Wine offers additional assistance:


With UOVO Wine, your move becomes a seamless transition, ensuring your prized wine collection arrives at its new home in perfect condition. Request a quote today.