Professional Seasonal Clothes Storage at UOVO Fashion

The Benefits of Using a Professional Storage Service for Your Seasonal Wardrobe

March 13, 2024

When it’s time to change over your private collection for a new season or rotate out your company wardrobe for clients who trust you to keep their fashion sense up to date, the demands can easily get overwhelming. Organizing gets even more daunting for clothing designers and fashion archivists who have to keep the pieces in their collections orderly. Where do you put everything? Do you have enough clothes storage boxes? How will you ensure nothing gets dirty or damaged while it’s in storage?

These questions often get people to consider investing in professional seasonal clothes storage. To make it easier for you to research these services, we’ve gathered the go-to reasons that our clients have chosen UOVO Fashion for their apparel collections, unique designs or company-wide clothing selections.

  • You’ll protect your assets. We know you’ve worked hard to acquire your stylists’ wardrobes, design fresh styles and collect pieces by renowned brands. By leaving the storage to us, you ensure your garments are safe from contaminants and theft, as our storage facilities are air-purified and monitored by video 24/7 with motion detectors to deter stealing. Our secure facilities are in New York, Los Angeles and South Florida to offer storage solutions across the nation that make it simple to swap out clothes for spring and summer or fall and winter.
  • All your clothing will be inspected and photographed. As part of our seasonal wardrobe services, we professionally inspect, catalog and photograph each item in our care. This makes it easy to see what you have anytime, especially if you use our MyCloset application. Plan ahead to compile style suggestions for clients ahead of a new season, curate new pieces for your designer collection or go through your fashion archive whenever you need to.
  • You won’t have to lift a finger. Whenever you need to, you can simply schedule your wardrobe delivery and pick-up through MyCloset so you can focus on curating your collection or picking out new styles for clients. We’ll handle all the cleaning, preservation, organization, transportation and storage for you.
  • You’ll free up space. Many people and institutes don’t have the space to store all their clothing, especially if they have vintage collections for fashion scholars or large seasonal wardrobes for customers. With UOVO Fashion, you’ll have more space to store other items in your on-site archive or current collections for clients, and you won’t have to rent a storage facility just to keep all your stylish clothing for any time of year!
  • You’ll have a fully cataloged collection. Part of our job in storing your seasonal wardrobe is to catalog your pieces so you’ll always know exactly what you have. You can further organize your fashion collection through the MyCloset application, which allows you to tag pieces by category and add information like the date acquired and value. This is especially helpful for maintaining professional collections, stylist wardrobes, artfully designed apparel and fashion archives.
  • You’ll have peace of mind. Knowing your clothing is stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment, with museum-quality attention paid to preservation, is a great gift for your private collection — or your clients and colleagues. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing all your pieces are secure and available for delivery when you want them, and that we’ll handle all the details for you. You can also purchase optional loss protection as an added measure of security to protect vintage clothing, archival collections and carefully designed clothes.


Let UOVO Fashion handle your seasonal wardrobe storage and delivery, whether you’re trading out meaningful clothes in your collection or refreshing your commercial selection for stylists. Free up space for your curated pieces or keep your company floor organized by letting us store your off-season clothing in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility.
For no additional charge, we’ll deliver the new season’s wardrobe and take the last season’s pieces to our facility twice per year. We also offer complimentary in-home wardrobe consultations to guide you on the services that would best meet your needs. Pair our seasonal clothing storage with MyCloset, a digital wardrobe organization service that lets you view your clothes anywhere and anytime. The option to add information, like the value of each item and the date you got it, lets you make your own digital archive.

UOVO Fashion also offers archiving solutions, inventory and photography, wedding wardrobe storage, travel and delivery services, and beyond. Contact us today for all your wardrobe storage needs for everything from private collections to stylists’ closets for helping customers.