UOVO Art and Wine at FOG Design+Art Fair: Where Art Meets AI | UOVO

UOVO Art and Wine at FOG Design+Art Fair: Where Art Meets AI

January 29, 2024

On January 18, UOVO proudly partnered with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) at the prestigious FOG Design+Art fair in San Francisco, where we explored the evolving art landscape as it relates to technology. In addition, we unveiled our newest brand extension, Domaine (soon to be UOVO Wine), underscoring our commitment to the preservation and stewardship of fine collections of all types.

UOVO hosted a compelling panel discussion titled “Whose Art Is It? How AI Impacts Intellectual Property,” presented by intellectual property lawyer Andy Gass. The event delved into the intricate relationship between art and technology, exploring the profound implications of generative AI tools on long-standing intellectual property laws.  Attendees learned about the evolving landscape where AI intersects with intellectual property, gaining insights into what this means for art, artists, and the very fabric of the medium in which they express themselves.

Partnering with Domaine, a UOVO company, we introduced a unique wine cart activation. Our specially crafted wine cart invited attendees to engage with our newest brand vertical while enjoying a complimentary glass of premium Burgundy. The activation served to merge the worlds of art, technology, and wine by fostering an immersive experience that elevated traditional boundaries.

Our participation alongside SFMOMA  at FOG Design+Art reflects UOVO’s dedication to pushing boundaries, cultivating meaningful conversations, and championing innovation at the crossroads of art, technology, and wine. As we continue to explore the evolving art landscape, UOVO remains at the forefront of thought leadership, guiding discussions that shape the future of art and collections management.

All imagery by Nikki Ritcher, Courtesy FOG Design+Art