Crating Services


UOVO’s world-class technical team has decades of experience developing crating solutions for artworks of all types. We offer a number of core crating options with endless customizations to meet your needs. Our dedicated Account Managers, expert craters, and crating partners will help manage your entire project from end to end, including local transportation and international shipping, installation, and storage.


Learn more about our featured crating solutions below and contact us for a project estimate.


Exhibition Crates

Our Exhibition Crate is the highest standard for fine art museums and institutions. Exhibition Crates are custom-built for objects that will travel extensively. Exhibition Crates function as insulated micro-environments, safe from fluctuations in temperature and impact shocks that may be encountered during travel.

Standard Crates

UOVO’s Standard Crate provides enhanced strength and durability with battened exteriors to protect art and fragile objects. Standard Crates are designed to withstand multiple uses and can be outfitted to accommodate a variety of different mediums.

Low-Profile Crates

Our Low-Profile Crate is an economical solution for most flatworks and objects. Low-Profile Crates do not feature any exterior reinforcing or battening. They are suitable for shipping via most air freight and shuttle services.

Customizations and Accessories

In addition to our core crating solutions, we offer many types of crating configurations and accessories.

Customizations include:

  • Travel Frames
  • End Loader Crates
  • Flat Ride Crates
  • Top Loading Crates
  • Lean-Riding Crates (A-Frames)
  • 3D Bracing
  • Cavity Packs
  • Anti-Static Packaging
  • Shock-Absorbing Skids


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