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Premier Storage

As a Premier wine storage client, your collection will be completely managed by our team. Each bottle will be received, inspected, cataloged, and organized in your online inventory account. Our facilities feature rigorous security protections and environmental controls so you can rest assured that your wine is in good hands.

  • Premier Storage Features

    • inventory

      Fully managed wine storage with client access to inventory portal

    • clinical_notes

      Bottle inspection on receipt (level, label, etc.)

    • local_shipping

      1-2 day pick-up and delivery with notification of timing

    • shield_lock

      Loss protection coverage available

  • Our Facilities

    We maintain our wine storage facilities at 55ºF and 70% humidity and carefully monitor for unexpected changes. All facilities are supplied by backup generators in the event of a power outage. Our security procedures include video surveillance, heat and motion detectors, and keyless entries to automatically record visitation logs.

  • Online Inventory Management

    Premier Storage clients have access to an online portal for managing their inventory. Features include:

    • Pull requests
    • Valuation at auction prices
    • Requests to consign for sale.
    • Portfolio diversification and reporting, including drinking windows and notes
  • Storage Rates

    Storage rates are determined by your quantity of wine, storage location, and whether you are a Premier Storage or Standard Storage client. Learn more about storage rates at each of our UOVO Wine locations.

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