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Southwest Wine Shipping

Find the solution to your wine transit needs with UOVO’s premium suite of transportation services. Whether you’re relocating locally, nationally, or internationally, taking a little wine or the whole cellar, UOVO Wine will make it a seamless move with trusted Southwest wine shipping.

  • Features

    • device_thermostat

      All transit vehicles are temperature-controlled at 55ºF and 70% humidity.

    • data_exploration

      Wine shipping conditions are closely observed for any unexpected changes.

    • verified_user

      Shipments are insured and secured against theft and breakage.

    • groups

      Trained specialists handle your wine with genuine care and attention throughout transportation.

  • Our Expertise

    Our expansive network of refrigerated delivery vehicles allow us to ship wine across the Southwest and beyond. Our services include national shipping, import and export, as well as concierge pickup and local delivery for UOVO Wine storage clients.

  • Transportation Throughout the Southwest

    With six locations across the country and multiple routes throughout the region, storage clients can easily request on-demand shipping within the Southwest or climate-controlled wine deliveries wherever your wine travels, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, and Scottsdale.

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